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The last week of January 2009, I will start selling 20 by 30 inch fine art photographic Giclee posters of President Obama it will read, “Touched By The Light”. Printed on fine art photographic matte paper, which will be signed. It will be a limited edition of 1000, the cost will be $300.00 plus shipping. I am also selling artist prints printed by Raymond W. Holman Jr. They are selling for $3000.00 each.

The Giclee poster "Touched By The Light"

The Giclee poster "Touched By The Light"

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Posted by 1raymondwholmanjr on January 25, 2009
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  1. 01/31/2009

    Hi Raymond,
    Synchronicity???- After I left your place I ran into
    Michael, photographer (forgot his last name. Anyway,
    when I told him about the Obama quilt I was doing the
    first thing he said was, “I saw an awesome photo of
    Obama at the Sande Webster Gallery that was done by
    Raymond Holman”. He talked about that “light” that
    you captured on Obama. I agreed.

    “That light” -that’s what you captured his light, his
    energy. His contenance and extended arm shows the
    strength of that energy.


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