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Great conversation in Charlotte NC this past weekend regarding President Obama. This young man stated the need to hold on to your confidence, to stay firm, during these challenging times.


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Posted by 1raymondwholmanjr on March 10, 2009
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  1. 03/10/2009

    I really did not have a chance to think about what Mr. Peacock said regarding the need for confidence yesterday, because my mind was dwelling on the long drive back to Philadelphia. But while uploading this image I realize, without supreme confidence in ones self, weathering life’s great challenges can be undoable. I had great conversation with him, his wife and my two dear friends Herm and Beverly. OM

  2. 03/11/2009

    I went to DC yesterday afternoon following the urge of the FORCE. Once I reached DC I parked and started walking to my appointment. I noticed a Shoe Shine Man in front of one of the buildings I was passing by. The Whisper Voice said, “go get your shoes shined and give him one of your “Touched By THe Light” cards. After taking a care of by business, I went back to the shoe shine man. He was writing something in a note book. I asked him how much was a shoe shine was, he did not answer. I waited. He finally said five dollars. He moved slowly, he waved for me to sit down in the chair he had been sitting in. He focused on his job of putting shoe polish on my shoes. Someone walked up and asked if he could buy a cigarette from him. The Shoe Shine Man got angry, the Shoe Shine Man told the other, can’t you see what I am doing? You have to wait. After completing his job I gave the Shoe Shine Man six dollars plus the “Touched By THe Light” card. I told the Shoe Shine Man I was instructed to give it to him. His skin brighten up, his eyes brighten up, a smile came on his face. He asked me had I ever had a chance to talk to President Obama. I said only for a brief moment. He told me his names was Howard, I told him my name was Raymond. We talked for a few moments. Shared love between two Human Beings. And I went on my way. It seems I had really gone to DC to give that card to the Shoe Shine Man. My duty had been completed it was the will of God, of the Universe. OM


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