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My good friend Saleema and my “Touched By The Light”, back-lite wall lamp.

The “Touched By The Light”, wall lamp featuring Obama’s photo is absolutely beautiful; Raymond W. Holman Jr. captured his great presence. His sincerity and strength shines thoughout the photo you can actually feel his warmth and genuine concern. The photo looks as if he’s communing with the heavens as he speaks to the people.  Saleema C.

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Posted by 1raymondwholmanjr on March 31, 2009
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  1. 03/31/2009

    Saleema and her husband Momar had a great conversation this evening about living. Here Saleema is sitting next to my “Touched By The Light” lamp.

  2. 04/11/2009

    According to today’s news reports the economy is showing some positive signs. One brick at a time, we will rebuild this world and our lives.

  3. 04/20/2009

    May we all feel the light that touches all of us every moment of our life. For me that is what “Touched By The Light”, is about. When I walk into my photography studio one of the first things I do is to turn on the wall lamp with the image “Touched By the Light”, on. For me the image is not about Obama, it is about us all trying to reach our full potential. Never giving up. May we all have the support of our true Inner Self. May we all have the support of the Universe. May we all have the support from the people we come in connect with in a positive manner. May we all experience positive Love every moment of the day.

  4. 06/23/2009

    Love the wall lamp photo. The light comes right through it! Your words and kind intentions toward all of us are very uplifting too. Thanks for this beautiful offering.

  5. 07/16/2010
    Jelani Cobb

    Great photo. The expression on his face seems to convey the gravity of the work ahead of him even as the light reminds us of how we felt as his campaign for the presidency became increasingly viable. I would love to see a series following his time in office.


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