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The ghetto called “West Philly”

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Posted by 1raymondwholmanjr on July 1, 2011
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  1. 07/1/2011

    I grew up in West Philly years ago, it was a great place to live. The of summer 2011 it is now a ghetto, still some good people but you will also see much homelessness and people on the edge of despair.

  2. 07/1/2011

    I fear some people will laugh, but the slow down in the economy has hit certain sections of Philadelphia hard. People are sitting on their steps, walk down the street with no hope. One shop keeper stated it was like watching zoombies walk down the street.

  3. 07/1/2011

    This community will be my summer project. The good and bad.

  4. 07/11/2011

    I shot this video to show a certain situation at a certain moment in time recently. I was having two different conversation that caused me to rethink these two scenes. The first one was you never know when you are having an encounter with an angle or avatar these two being maybe such. Secondly I had a conversation with an individual I grew up with, we were never friends we just knew each other’s face. I think when we became adults we spoke to each other, that was it. He seems to have done well in his live. But the think that captured my attention at the very end of our conversation was what he said, which was “God is good”. It was a stop and hear the Universe talking to you moment. Manohar be alert Nityananda is calling you all the time.


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