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Union Station Square. Abdul Qadir protesting again the United State taking military action in the Syrian War. NYC. September 7, 2013.

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Posted by 1raymondwholmanjr on September 8, 2013
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  1. 09/9/2013
    Abdul Qadir

    America is guilty of being the military/political whore of Israel!!! And the elite oil men that benefits from war in the middle east. Obama and just the front man. If he speak the truth they will attempt to assassinate him and his family. So I’m not really focused on the Office of the Presidency. Let the people that support the war go fight the war themselves and stop deceiving our children to sacrifice themselves on the front lines for a demonic cause. If

    • 09/9/2013
      Abdul Qadir

      If a foreign army invade America for possessing weapons of mass destruction which they are using on men, women and children around the world in Islamic lands,and American citizens take up arms in self defense, are they terrorists or radicals???so why do we label Taliban terrorists and Hezbollah terrorists?When they are only doing what we the people are instructed to do in the Constitution!!! And when the Constitution or the Government which claim to know God, but pass laws and start wars that disobey God, then “We must obey God as Ruler rather than man,” which the Bible states clearly at Acts 5:29!!!So the concept of “the separation of church and state” goes against God’sWord!!!For this reason these sameforces that’s warring against theocratic governments will wage war against Jesus Christ, “the kings of the earth and their armies,”according to Revelation 19:19!!!The “Lord’s Pra

      • 09/9/2013
        Abdul Qadir

        In the Lord’s Prayer at Matthew 6:9-10, you pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, which is a theocracy not an democracy!!! And according to Luke 19:11-27 Jesus will return to established righteous rulers over the cities of the earth and order the deaths of all opposers!!! this is not an “separation of church and state”!!!the governments that promote separation from God will be against His Christ when he return!!! even as they are against Islamic Theocratic governments now!!! America, your “Demon-cratic”rule are numbered!!! Insha-Allah!!!

      • 09/9/2013
        Abdul Qadir

        America, the days of your “demon-cratic” rule are numbered!!! your hands are soaked with the blood of the “holy ones”….innocent men, women and children!!!

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